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Literary Character Day & Book Fair

September 30, 2021 -

Oct 29-30th – Literary Character Dress Up Day and Book Drive at Barnes & Noble!

Both Oct 29th and 30th, GHWH will be partnering with Barnes & Noble in a Bookfair to fill our libraries for years to come from our Wish List. So for those 48 hours, pick a few books from our Wish List and then use the Voucher ID 12614293. GHWH will receive a portion of your purchase as a donation to the school.


  • Friday, Oct 29th – 2:30 PM Scholar parade through Barnes & Noble
  • Saturday, Oct 30th – 10 AM-12 PM Teacher Readings at Barnes & Noble

Guidelines for Character Day Dress Up Day

Students may dress up as any character from any book on the K-6 Classics to Keep List, a grade level read-aloud book, Greek or Roman Mythology, or a historical character from our curriculum at Western Hills and come to school primed for a joyful day filled with reading.

  • Students who do not wish to wear a costume should come to school in their regular uniform.
  • Parents MUST fill out and turn in a “Costume Proposal Slip” to their homeroom/lyceum teacher on or before Wednesday, October 27, in order for your student to participate in Character Dress-up Day.  The teacher MUST approve the costume.
  • No masks or all-over face paint (freckles, mustaches, etc. are okay)
  • Hats, gloves, ears, etc., are acceptable as long as they stay on and are not a distraction (teacher will confiscate if that happens).
  • No props, such as weapons, baskets, wands, etc.
  • If the costume is such that it needs clothes underneath, it should be their uniform.
  • Please keep in mind students will be going to recess in their costumes, so one that allows free movement is encouraged.

Students will have the opportunity to enjoy a Read–A–Thon Day during a portion of the school day.

Guidelines for Booked Drive

Friday, October 29, and Saturday, October 30, Great Hearts Western Hills will be partnering with Barnes & Nobles (6065 Northwest Loop 410) for a Book Drive to fill our library!

Spartan families are invited to purchase books from our wish list using the voucher number (coming soon!) with online and in-store purchases. Over those two days, we will try to fill our library with as many books as possible!

Additionally, GHWH will receive a percentage from all the books purchased from our wishlist sing the voucher!

Saturday, scholars are invited to come to see their teachers read aloud at the Barnes & Nobles! Times for class sections forthcoming! 

Thank you, in advance, for your support of reading and literacy and your support of this special event at Great Hearts Western Hills!  Hooray for books!