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We are a tuition-free, school-choice campus that is partially public funded. So how different are we from the neighboring ISDs? Unlike traditional public schools, charter schools do not receive local taxes nor state funding for school facilities, resulting in significant gaps in revenue between charter schools and local school districts. Our campus has a funding gap of over $2,000 per scholar per year compared to the neighboring ISDs. This funding gap means that each of your scholar’s classrooms is underfunded by over -$60,000.

To put it differently, our area’s closest private Classical school costs $15,000 a year in tuition… If you get accepted. At our classical academy, we offer an elite liberal arts education and do not charge any tuition fees. We accept all scholars as long as seats are available in the classroom.

While we know finances are different for every family, we ask our families and community members to consider donating to the campaign we call the Community Investment Fund.

To support our campus financially, you can:


What does the Community Inesment Fund support at our campus? 
77% of neighboring ISD funding compared to GHWH

The Community Investment Campaign provides our faculty and students with the necessary resources to learn and thrive.

Any gift to the Community Investment campaign:

    • It allows us to hire and retain dedicated mission-aligned faculty–keeping our teacher-to-student ratio low.
    • It allows us to add and maintain our facilities and campus infrastructure.
    • Directly supports our robust Fine Arts program.
    • Funds our Middle and High School Athletic Programs (in the place of a booster)
    • It gives us the ability to provide uniform assistance to families
    • Directly allows us to deliver the top-tier education our children deserve and what we receive from public funding.

Where does my contribution go?

  • 100% of your contribution stays at Great Hearts Western Hills to support the core priorities of our academic model.

What does Great Hearts ask each family to give?

  • We ask each family to consider contributing $1,500 per student ($120 a month) to help cover the gap between what we need for our academic model and what we receive from public funding.
  • Knowing that the financial situation is different for every family, we encourage every family to give as they are able.
  • Enrollment status is not dependent upon a family’s decision to contribute to Community Investment.

How can I participate?

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Great Hearts Western Hills is a 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit, non-sectarian, publicly funded charter school. No goods or services were received in exchange for this donation. All charitable contributions (cash, check, credit card, direct debit, stock/property, in-kind) are non-refundable.

Great Hearts Texas EIN: 43-1973126

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