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School Year Hours: 7:50 AM to 3:30 PM
Early Release Fridays: 7:50 AM to 1:30 PM
Morning Carline: 7:15-7:48 AM
Afternoon Pick-Up: 3:30-4:00 PM (1:30-2:00 PM Early Release)

Morning drop will begin at 7:15 am. At this point, Families may enter through the Ingram or Midhurst entrances and wait briefly before 7:20 am, when students may safely exit their vehicles. Lower School students will stay on the playground while Upper School students will remain in the gym until the 7:35 am bell. Lower and Upper School students can be dropped off at either campus.

Pick-up in the afternoon will start at the 3:30 dismissal or 1:30 pm on Early Release Fridays.

Lower School Scholar-Only Pick-Up

Families may begin lining up at 3:15 PM (1:15 PM on Early Release Fridays). Lower-School-Only Families should enter from Ingram and Display the placard numbers for only the students to be picked up. Once our faculty enter placards, the corresponding students will be directed to leave their classrooms and form a queue before leaving the building to walk up the empty lane between vehicles idling. The traffic captain will then direct vehicles with all their students to “zipper” out down the middle lane.

Upper School Scholar-Only Pick-Up

Similarly, Upper-School-only Families may begin lining up at 3:15 PM (1:15 PM on Early Release Fridays). Upper-School-only families should enter from Midhurst and display their placard numbers to dismiss their students waiting in their classrooms.

Wave Time from 3:30 to 3:40 pm, during which Upper-School-only families may enter the Upper School parking lot off Midhurst.

Vehicles whose Upper School students do not arrive in time will be directed to Missed Carline by the traffic captain.

Lower AND Upper School Scholars Pick-Up

Families with Lower and Upper School Siblings will pick up all their students at the Upper School carline starting at the Midhurst entrance.

Wave Time Starting at 3:40 pm: Families with LS and US siblings may enter the Upper School parking lot off Midhurst to enter the Upper School carline. Lower School siblings will be queued in the Lower School MPR and escorted to the Upper School carline by Lower School faculty at 3:40 pm. Siblings will not be joined before walking the carline. See the photo below for reference:

*Your car placard will continue to work regardless of its color; it is the family number that matters. 

*Pick-up for Athenaeum or Homework Club will be held in the Lower School front lobby.


Drop-Off FAQ:

How early may I arrive at school for a drop-off?

Campus gates will open at 7:15 for parents to enter the parking lot, at 7:20, faculty will open the carline, at which time students will proceed to their designated areas. We ask you not to drop your students off at school prior to 7:20 as there are no faculty on duty to supervise them.  Gates open at 7:15 for families because it allows time for our teachers and staff to park and enter the building before our drop-off process.

When do I drop off my student(s), and where do I drop them off?

Drop Off begins at 7:20 a.m.  Students are not allowed to leave the vehicle until a staff member is present. Students may be dropped off in either the lower or upper school parking lots.

After drop-off, where do students walk?

If dropped off before 7:35 AM, Kinder-2nd grade will go to the playground, 3rd and 4th grade will go to the turfed area beside the playground, and 5th grade will utilize half of the MPR until the morning bell rings.

Upper School Scholars will walk to the gym, where they will be seated until the morning bell rings.

I have to get to an early meeting at work. Can I drop my student off before 7:20 a.m.?

Early drop-offs whereby the students are left before 7:20 a.m. are not permitted.  Please make other arrangements.

When does drop-off end?

Faculty-assisted drop-off concludes at 7:48 a.m.  Students arriving after this time will need to be walked into the administrative office by their parents.  Parents, you will need to park your vehicle and walk your student in and sign them in for the day at which time a tardie will be issued.

How do I know when to leave?

Please do not leave the drop-off area until you are waved along by the parking captain (The person at the beginning of the line of vehicles).  Drivers must acknowledge and obey the staff who safely care for you, your students, and all the other cars around you.

Pick-Up FAQ:

What will my student be doing while they wait?

We use an application called CURB to inform the teachers that you have arrived and are ready to pick up your student.  This allows the students to stay in their class while they await your arrival.  As the year goes on, many students will complete some homework while they wait to be picked up.

What time does school dismiss?

Dismissal is 3:30 PM on regular school days and 1:30 PM on early release Friday’s. This means that the first students will begin arriving at their vehicles shortly after that time, by a few minutes.

Carline officially closes at 4:05 PM each afternoon on full days and 2:05 PM on early-release Fridays.

All students MUST be picked up by 4:05 p.m. (2:05 p.m. on early release days) unless they are enrolled in an after-school activity. After 4:05 pm (2:05 pm on early release days), parents must park, enter the main entrance, and sign out their student(s).

Late fees will apply at a rate of $1/minute. All students should be picked up within 10 minutes of the scheduled end time for clubs, tutoring, or sports. Any student not picked up by this time will fall into the above policy. Siblings of students in clubs, tutoring, or sports may not “hang out” on campus until their sibling’s extracurricular activity is over. No student may be unsupervised on campus after school. Any student unattended will be checked into Athenaeum/HW Club. See page 68 in the family handbook.

How early may I arrive at school for after-school pick-up?

Campus gates will open at 3:15 for parents to enter the parking lot, at 3:30, faculty will open the carline at which time students will proceed to their designated dismissal areas. On early release, Friday’s campus gates will open at 1:15 for parents to enter the parking lot. We ask that you DO NOT que on Ingram and Midhurst prior to 3:15 and plan to arrive on campus at 3:15.

Why can’t I get my student when I arrive?

While you may enter our parking lot at your wave time, this does not mean your students will be dismissed at that time to your car as they are waiting to be dismissed through our CURB app.

My student has a Doctor’s appointment right after school. What do I do?

If you need to check your student out before the end of the day, we ask that you do so no later than 2:00 PM p.m. On full days and 12:00 PM on early release days.

Am I allowed to park in the surrounding area parking lots and walk to the front lobby to pick up my student?

No, all students must be picked up via our carline.

Are my lower school students able to walk off campus on their own and meet me outside of the school gates?

No, all students must be picked up via our carline.